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How to get Tusk Act 1, 2, 3, 4 in A Universal Time (AUT)

Featured Aut Tusk Acts Guide

If you’re looking to get the Tusk Stand in Roblox A Universal Time, then you’ll need to know what exactly you need to do to get it! There’s multiple acts for this Stand, and each one is more powerful than the last. You will want to upgrade to the next version of it as soon as you can, and we’ll teach you how to get them all in this guide!

Find out more about the game on our site! We’ve got a guide for how to get Stands, and we have a list of a bunch of servers you can join that are private in AUT that will alleviate lag and help you get items!

AUT Tusk Guide

The first step you need to take to get Tusk in A Universal Time is to get the Left Arm of The Saint’s Corpse. This can be found in the Devil’s Palm, which is the desert area of the map. You will need to find Sand Debris that spawn in the desert and dig around in them. You have an 8% chance of getting the item from one of these piles.

When you find the Left Arm of The Saint’s Corpse, make sure you don’t have a Stand equipped and use the item. This will give you Tusk Act 1, which is the first level of the Stand.

Aut Desert Palm

Tusk Act 2

To get Tusk Act 2, you need to go back into the Devil’s Palm desert and locate Johnny Joestar. This NPC has a 45% chance to spawn every 90 minutes. You will just need to hope you’re in the game when he spawns. Keep an eye on your chat, because someone might mention when they are in the desert. Once you find Johnny, make sure you have Tusk Act 1 equipped, and talk to him.

Here’s what he will say when you interact with him:

I see that you’ve acquired a similar ability of mine from the Corpse Part. In order to improve your ‘Abilities’, you must hone your nails. To achieve mastery over your nails, you must ‘surf’ the land for 5 minutes.

You will now receive the quest called, Nail Training. You need to use your Nail Glide ability for 600 seconds. Nail Glide is the V key on your keyboard, and you will need to do it over and over until you complete the quest. The ability has a cooldown, so it will actually take quite a while to complete. Once you’ve finished the quest, you will then have Tusk Act 2!

Tusk Act 3

To get Tusk Act 3, you will just need to use the Dark Determination ability over and over again until a blue ghost-like NPC shows up behind you and grants you the upgrade to Tusk Act 3. It appears to be random, so it could take a while, depending on how lucky you get. The Dark Determination ability can be used by pressing the H key on your keyboard.

Tusk Act 4

To get Tusk Act 4, it will be time to head back into the Devil’s Palm desert and dig up more Sand Debris locations. You are looking for the Eye of the Saint’s Corpse item. It has a 2% chance of dropping out of the piles of sand you dig up. Once you have the item, talk to Gyro who is standing right outside of the desert and they will upgrade you to Tusk Act 4!

If you’re having trouble finding Sand Debris to dig up, you might want to head to a Private Server where there’s less competition. They spawn every 2 minutes, so keep an eye out for them.

Aut Gyro Location

How to switch Tusk Act forms?

When you have more than one Tusk Act unlocked, you can switch through them to use the one you want in particular. To cycle through them, you will use the “[” and “]” keys on your keyboard. The “]” key moves you forward through the forms, and the “[” moves you back.

That’s everything we know about getting all of the Tusk acts in Roblox A Universal Time right now. We have more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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Tusk Act 4


Tusk Act 4 is the final act of every Tusk Act and sometimes written as 爪) is the Stand of Johnny Joestar, featured in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, 7th adaptation, Steel Ball Run, a JoJo Part that has a race from San Diego to New York. This stand is not tradable, attempting to do so will revert it to Tusk Act 1. Tusk Act 4 is the most powerful act out of all the other Tusk Acts and Tusk Act 4 is also known as one of the strongest stands in the JoJo Universe.

Tusk is tradeable, but the Acts don’t transfer. Your own Tusk Acts save, but doesn’t transfer to the other person you traded with. Please do not scam others with this trick/method.


Tusk Act 4 is an all pink Stand, with its head on the middle of it’s torso with white eyes and a black star shape around the eyes, a yellow horseshoe on its forehead, pink jaw, big purple shoulder pads with yellow stars on the shoulder pads, yellow hands, pink big skirt which covers most of the legs, pink wrist gloves/guards which have a few stars on them, pink knee pads with a yellow star on it and 2 big stars on the near bottom of it’s leg.

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Universe Obtainment Method

Tusk Act 4 is obtained by having the Eye of the Saint with Tusk Act 2, giving the Eye of the Saint to Gyro Zeppeli will evolve your Tusk act 2 into Tusk Act 4 ( You will also get Act 3).

Old Obtainment Method

Tusk Act 4 is obtained by calling out your horse, riding around the map with the Steel Ball/Spin Item equipped in your hand alongside Tusk Act 3 summoned. Once the Steel Ball starts manufacturing Yellow Circles, that is when you’ll obtain Tusk Act 4. (This was the more canon way, as Johnny was able to evolve his stand by using the horse to make a Golden Rectangle, allowing him to tap into the Infinite Rotation and gain Tusk Act 4.)

Older Obtainment Method

Tusk was obtained by buying Spin in the shop for $150000 and then using a Jesus Corpse Part on it to get Tusk Act 4. To get the shiny variant, you would need to use a Holy Diary on Tusk.


Passive Description
Passive A — Infinite Rotation Thanks to it’s infinite energy and rotation power, Tusk Act 4 is capable of moving for 1 second in stopped time. This passive can be used on every Act as long as Tusk Act 4 has been unlocked. You also can bypass D4C: Love Train’s Love Train, but this is slightly glitchy and barrages still get reflected. You also get a special beatdown when you use Unrelenting Assault on a LT that is using love train.
Passive B — Dark Determination Upon reaching 35% HP or Lower, you’ll be able to activate the move. While Dark Determination is activated/awakened, all of your moves’ cooldowns will be reduced by 25% for 4 Minutes. You also gain 85 HP instantly. This Passive can be used on every Act.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Stand Summon The user summons Tusk Act 4, whilst saying «Tusk Act 4». N/A 1 Second
LMB/M1 LMB Combo The user strikes with 2 punches, continuing with 2 nail shots. 10 DMG (punch)

5 DMG (nail shot)

(Full Barrage Damage Result: 49)

Tusk Act 1


Tusk Act 1 is the fundamental Act known of Tusk Act 2, 3, and 4. It’s the stand featured in the Anime/Manga Part: JJBA, Part 7: Steel Ball Run Though, this stand’s tier is C Tier in trading, but people overpriced this stand’s rarity once it came out because of Tusk’s Rework. Tusks ability is to shoot out nails. The user of this stand is Johnny Joestar, the main protagonist of Steel Ball Run.

Tusk is tradeable, but the Acts don’t transfer. Your own Tusk Acts save, but doesn’t transfer to the other person you traded with. Some people can scam you if you don’t know this.


Tusk Act 1 resembles as a small pink bird, with a few yellow stars on its forehead and 2 marked smaller stars on the ears, eight wavering vestiges, pinkgrey beak/cone, blue/purple eyes, 2 pink arms, 4 leg-looking stuff on the bottom of TA1, 1 Huge Star on TA1 and a medium-sized star on his bottom

How To Obtain (Attainability)

New Obtain Method

Finding the Corpse Left Arm, and using the Corpse Left Arm on Standless

Old Obtain Method

Tusk Act 1 is obtained by finding and clicking on a orange-yellow crystal on the desert island therefore named «Devil’s Palm».


Passive Passive Name Description
Passive 1 — A Dark Determination Upon reaching half health, the user gains a buff called «Dark Determination». This will buff the damage of attacks by what seems to be about 20-40% more damage.
Passive 2 — B Crippled (Removed) The user is crippled and walks 50% slower than normal.


Keybind Name Description Damage Cooldowns
T Nail Shots Due to Tusk’s ability being able to shoot nails, you can shoot multiple nail’s. Though, each Tusk act can only shoot a different maximum of nails. 24 3 seconds
R Scratch The users right hand has a blue aura and throws their right arm, scratching the victim. Total dmg 31.5 10 seconds
B Tusk Healing Brew — «Herbal tea» Tusk Act 1’s User brings out a cup of tea/coffee and heals’ their user by 40 HP. None 37 seconds
V Nail Glide The user uses their nail to glide on the ground to go anywhere faster or escape from somebody

Note: Gliding last for 5 seconds

None 15 seconds

  • «I’m gonna crush you at all costs!»
  • «You seem to have a lot of free time on your hands.»
  • «Did the president send you after me?! I’m not handing over the corpse!»


New Universe

Tusk Act 1 with less stand aura particles

Tusk Act 1 with less stand aura particles

Tusk Act 1 close-up

Tusk Act 1 close-up

Back of Tusk Act 1

Back of Tusk Act 1

Old Universe

Tusk Act 1 Real Looking

Zoomed Out Tusk Act 1

Zoomed Out Tusk Act 1


  • This stand is C Tier in trading.
  • Current Health: 535 HP
  • In the song «Tusk» by Fleetwood Mac, if you have a keen ear, you can hear someone in the background say «How are the tenders, Johnny?» right before the beat begins (The timestamp is 14 seconds in). It’s possible this is where Araki got the name for Johnny Joestar.
  • Tusk Act 1 doesn’t have Slow Dancer, only Nail Glide.
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ГАЙД по ВЕЩАМ ✨ AUT Roblox — A Universal Time (как получить вещи)

Иконка канала Мастерство и Креатив

Новое видео роблокс невероятные приключения ДжоДжо. Гайд по вещам в АУТ. Что падает с сундуков и с каким шансом. Места спавна всех сундуков на карте. Как получить стенд / стрелу в роблокс AUT. Гайд A Universal Time. Стрелу можно получить с метеора либо с сундука а так же можно купить в магазине за 1500 монет. Плейс сделан по топ аниме ДЖОДЖО. Как получить вещи в AUT X-Soul, DIO’s Diary, Bone, Requiem Arrow, Dragon Ball, Cursed Orb, Saint’s Left Arm, ye of the Saint, Heart Of The Saint. Игру сильно переработали. Можно бегать по карте искать стрелы и получать крутые стенды. Есть режим пвп в с другими игроками. Все популярные персонажи — Джонатан Джостар, Дио Брандо, Эрина Пендлтон, Уильям Цеппели, Джорно Джованна и другие. Стенды — Star Platinum, Hierophant Green, The World, Ebony Devil, Silver Chariot, Magician’s Red, Shadow The World Requiem, Shiny Tusk Act 4, The World Over Heaven, King Crimson Requiem, Made in Heaven. JoJo Bizarre Adventure Roblox — New Universe A Universal Time 2021. ? Мой Буст в роблокс — https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TVukqvf9d0HVOhR60ZTVa2tpw5uLlEBkfOe6JyJvnVw ? Поддержи панду ? Подпишись на канал — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DnWG5_GllHC73aD7_u9Mg?sub_confirmation=1 ? ВКонтакте — https://goo.gl/5pz1u5 ? Инстаграм — https://www.instagram.com/kopanda_yt ? Дискорд — https://discordapp.com/invite/kopanda ? Мерч — https://www.roblox.com/groups/3625328/KoPanda-YT-group#!/store ? По деловым вопросам kopanda-yt@mail.ru ? Игра — https://www.roblox.com/games/5130598377/New-Universe-A-Universal-Time На этом игровом канале я играю в большое количество крутых режимов и плейсов в #роблокс вместе со своими подписчиками! Присоединяйся и ты к моему летсплею. Тебя ждет куча веселых видео по игре #roblox (тайконы обби симуляторы рпг и 3д шутеры кс го арсенал также рогуль шиноби лайф 2 аниме файтинг симулятор товер батлс адопт ми симулятор ниндзя качка и пчеловода, побег из тюрьмы, новые коды, бесплатные вещи и робаксы). Новые серии выходят каждый день. Тут ты найдешь крутые мульт игры и приколы по игре роблокс на ПК. Так же каждый день проводятся стримы с подписчиками! Бамбуковый медведь #КоПанда всегда с тобой 😉 Roblox New Universe A Universal Time 2021 PC gameplay! Who Is KoPanda — a unique channel bursting with fun, positive, happy energy featuring popular videos on Roblox Roleplay Simulators, Ro Ghoul, Shindo life Anime Fighting Simulator, Roblox Naruto, Tower Battles, Ninja Legends, Murder Mystery, Adopt Me, Minecraft, CS GO, Brawl Stars, GTA 5 gameplay and much more. Thanks for checking us out.

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